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Top Action

  • Shorties's Kingdom 2Shorties's Kingdom 2
    The shorties are back in town and they are ready to fight and defend themselves with new weapons and strategy. Build your army and win the fights.
  • Anti-Terrorist RushAnti-Terrorist Rush
    Join the fight against terror. Build your forces, use the right strategy to win the different battles both in the city and out of the city, in the jungle. Anti-Terrorist Rush is a fun strategy, actio...
  • Midnight HunterMidnight Hunter
    Join the Midnight Hunter adventure. Start your the battle, fight the bats, the witches, the jumping pumpkins and more... Upgrade your abilities and weapons, improve your pistol, your spike gun, your ...
  • Zombie Demolisher 4 Invasion In TexasZombie Demolisher 4 Invasion In Texas
    Zombie Demolisher 4 Invasion In Texas There's more to killing zombies than just machetes and shotguns and chainsaws... Try a wrecking ball for a change! 690x460 Walthrough: https://youtu.be...
  • HellsforgeHellsforge
    You are prisoner in the max security prison of the world. Now its time to escape, but all the forces will try to kill you, you need to avoid thousands bullets, lasers, and enemies to reach the exit.Im...
  • Shorties's KingdomShorties's Kingdom
    The mini-heroes return! Build an army by stacking different classes of heroes on top of each other! Equip special artifacts, activate powerful spells and find the best combinations and formations to r...
  • Five Fights At Freddy'sFive Fights At Freddy's
    The creepy animatronics will fight each other when nobody is watching. Choose your favorite Freddy's character and punch, bash and scare the others to death!
  • Guardian Saga: The Dark ForestGuardian Saga: The Dark Forest
    Pass through the dark forest, killing many enemies. Improve your skills for you, mined gold. Save your friends and kill Black Dragon.
  • Zombies vs BrainsZombies vs Brains
    Zombies love brains, but brains hates zombies. Blast zombies using various weapons and power-ups to stop evil's brains! A chain reaction game with extremely addictive gameplay, upgrade system and a lo...
  • Shadow ArtsShadow Arts
    Play as Talia, a female warrior out for vengeance in this fast-paced, action-adventure game! Features: Style-Change Combat System Epic boss fights Great story mode Survival mo...
  • Balloons Vs Zombies 4Balloons Vs Zombies 4
    Use balloons, bats, grenades and knives ammo wisely in order to kill all zombies, but also to save the ones who are still alive. To earn a star you must shoot the star from the zombies head. Use your ...
  • Aliens, Get Out!Aliens, Get Out!
    The aliens have affected our planet, a space squad is ready to defend our positions, diparales your bazooka make them fly through the air and do not leave any standing

New Action

  • 9 Dragons 9 Dragons
    This is a keyboard shooter with incoming enemies that you have to shoot at. Get other items to shoot. ...
  • Matrix rampage Matrix rampage
    The objective of the game is to earn as many points as possible and survive as long as you can against the agents' onslaught! They will try to beat yo...
  • Motorcross FMX Motorcross FMX
    Guide your motorcross rider through the race track to catch sweet jumps! Try not to crash into any of the obstacles. ...
  • Heli Attack 2 Heli Attack 2
    Helicopters come at you in waves! Your mission is to take as many choppers down as possible....
  • Downhill Snowboard Downhill Snowboard
    The entertaining physics-based snowboard game is back - this time with all levels reworked, unlockable players, unlockable snowboards, things to grind...
  • Killer McKay Killer McKay
    Kill the bad guys!...
  • Phantom Sniper Phantom Sniper
    Read the briefs and take out your target without being detected. The more shots you take, the less time you have....
  • Spiderman 3: Battle Within Spiderman 3: Battle Within
    This step-by-step battle simulation game is based on battle scenes from Spiderman 3: The Movie....
  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder Power Rangers Dino Thunder
    It is up to the Power Rangers to save the day from evil doers. Fight through different levels and play as different Power Ranger characters....
  • Batman the Cobblebot Caper Batman the Cobblebot Caper
    The Gotham Bank is being robbed. Hurry and get there before the thieves get away....

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