Lollipop Warrior

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Lollipop Warrior

Uploaded by jlb32
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Lollipop Kingdom is a beautiful island. It used to be a paradise where children played and had fun, but now, it has been seized by the evil and horrible King of Octopus. He drives his minions to do bad things everywhere, and the inhabitants of the island suffer unspeakably. Fortunately, the people have one hope, the Legendary Lollipop Warrior. Using a lollipop as a weapon, he fights against the King of Octopus and his minions. In order to expel the enemy completely, he must get through the difficulties and destroy the enemy's lair. He will encounter numerous enemies along the way, and the enemy will become even more powerful. So the lollipop warrior also needs to buy more powerful equipment to improve his strength. Restore peace and joy to the kingdom, and have the courage to go forward!


Use WASD keys to move character,press "A" or "D" twice can run,attack by "J" ,jump by "K", whirlwind by "L",Recovery by "O",need to pick up or buy recovery item first.Number keys 1-5 to change weapon.

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