Mars.N.Aliens 2.3 Black Hole Defence

4.5 of 22 ratings
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Mars.N.Aliens 2.3 Black Hole Defence


The aliens are stronger and comes with 10 different types. They are trying to get to the Black Hole, its your job to stop them. You have many weapons and upgrades to use for your mission. Good luck!


Click on the sidebar to open up the Buy Menu. From here, you are able to buy towers and mines which you can strategically place on the playing field. You want to build your towers as close to the path as possible becouse the enemies walk along this path towards the black hole, and the mines on the path. Click on the built mines to detonate them. When an alien creep gets to the black hole, one chance will go away. Once all your chances are gone, the game is over. Keep in mind that every tower has its individual strengths and weaknesses. Some are fast, others are slow. Some are far ranged, others are close range. Some towers are good in the beginning. Others are goo