Commanders Ludo

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Commanders Ludo

Uploaded by elaxigames
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The computer's Rebel Army is keen on taking your lands on these key battle-grounds which demand strategic intelligence. Battle on various fronts like Northern Swamps, the Hills of Koodu, and Esternia Riverside. Command 3 Tanks and 3 Mobile Rocket Launchers, which are located on different locations across the fronts. A Platoon Carrier unit awaits your orders to move and circle the battlefront before reaching the base safely and securing the front. The Army platoon that circles around the battlefront and reaches its base first wins the Battle. The game is controlled by dice scores. If you roll a six with the dice, you can regenerate your destroyed units, or you can destroy the opponent units and continue your playing turn. Make sure you cripple the Rebel Army to restrict their platoons from going back to their base and move all your units with the best possible strategy to stand out as the Winning Commander!


Use Mouse to select and Roll Dice and to move units.

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