Offroad Safari

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Offroad Safari


Explore the rugged terrain of the Savanna in this fun and challenging physics based driving game. Go over and under big rocks, scale entire walls of rock using the car's winch, drive through rivers and waterfalls, balance your car on tree logs and rocks. Use the terrain and different objects around the level to navigate through seemingly impossible challenges by pulling them in the right position and using their shape and weight to your advantage. Break boxes, collect traffic cones, drive fast and safe to unlock achievements.


Use the arrow keys (or W,A,S,D) to drive and your mouse the position the winch's hook. Once the hook grabs on to an object it will help you pull your car towards it or pull the whole object towards the car. Once the hook is connected engage the winch by pressing the SHIFT key. Release the hook at any time pressing the SPACE key or just drive over (past) it. Other useful keys: ESC - to access the settings screen or pause the game, R - to restart a from the previous check point.
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