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Top Flight Games

  • Into SpaceInto Space
    Launch a rocket into the skies with the goal of reaching space in the shortest amount of days possible.
  • Pyjama JumpPyjama Jump
    Jump out of bed straight into an Xtreme Sports tournament. In your PJs!
  • 3D Stunt Pilot San Francisco3D Stunt Pilot San Francisco
    Put on your aviators and grab your fur-lined jacket -- it's time to fly in this realistic aerobatics simulator! Using either the mouse or the keyboard, guide your plane through the air and successfull...
  • Learn to Fly 2Learn to Fly 2
    You were able to learn how to fly, but Icebergs stopped you and crushed your dreams. Now you’re back for revenge!
  • Rocket 2020Rocket 2020
    Let's drive your rocket that trapped in the ravine to fly into space. In 2020 the Gorgon station sent a rocket to adventure the zorons planet. They roam to find retolith gems that very difficult to ob...
  • Space Flash ArenaSpace Flash Arena
    Join the ultimate space combat simulation in full 3D and defeat AI-driven enemies, who are attacking from all sides. In this cool Space Flash Arena shooting game you can collect tons of guns and missi...
  • Flying ChopsFlying Chops
    Take flight with Flying Chops! Save piglets, avoid traps and destroy all Butchers armed with jetpack and cleavers along the way. Collect acorns to buy new equipment that allow you to cover more met...
  • Symbiosis GreenlandSymbiosis Greenland
    We thought, that we destroyed crystals last time. But one of them hid on the lands of Greenland. And the only hope is to use the power of plants against space invaders again.
  • SeedsSeeds
    Send your seeds flying to the far edges of the Bird-king’s kingdom! Upgrade the seeds and plant them at the right spots, blooming beautiful flowers in your path.
  • Touch The SkyTouch The Sky
    Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly and touch the sky? Surely everyone dreams of this at some point. Well let it become reality
  • Zombie Head MoonZombie Head Moon
    Happy Halloween everyone! Zombie bored in his grave, he had the idea to go to the moon, can you help him to achieve in the shortest possible time?
  • Into Space 2Into Space 2
    After successfully launching your spacecraft to the moon, you have a new goal in sight - Mars!

New Flight Games

  • Maceps 2130 Maceps 2130
    On the distant planet you want to collect computers in a network. By controlling the robot you move the infrastructure of the planet in search of comp...
  • Airport Parking Airport Parking
    Help the pilot to pull their plane into the parking lot. ...
  • Thats So Raven - Race In Air Thats So Raven - Race In Air
    Choose your favorite character and collect the target items on the way to earn score....
  • Xtreme Vertical Racer Xtreme Vertical Racer
    These base jumpers are afraid of nothing. Compete in challenging races against the clock or against other players. Avoid obstacles, finish the race an...
  • Mars Escape Mars Escape
    You are part of a military mission on far-away planets, to ensure Earth's safety against far-away dangers. Strained on Mars in your spaceship, you nee...
  • Tremor Rocket Tremor Rocket
    Collect gems and items to boost your speed, and watch out for obstacles and the constantly rising water!...
  • Space Rebel Space Rebel
    Space rebel games are all about hi-tech technologies, implemented in the most sophisticated shooting weapons. So make sure you learn how you use them ...
  • Helix The Lifeguard Helicopter Helix The Lifeguard Helicopter
    Save all the rescues as fast as you can in this full 3D helicopter simulation game with 14 levels and 3 different worlds!!...
  • Learn To Fly Little Bird Learn To Fly Little Bird
    Help this little bird to survive. It just started to fly but it needs help in avoiding the dangers of the nature. Be sure to pick up all the worm coin...
  • Fleet Defender Fleet Defender
    This is an old-school Galaxian-style shooter with a twist. Your goal, instead of just looking out for yourself, is to protect the 3 transport ships th...
  • Flight 3D Aerobatics Training Flight 3D Aerobatics Training
    So you think you can fly? Well, take the stick and fly through the rings in your aerobatics training. Keep an eye on your fuel level though- I don't w...
  • Steel Wasp Steel Wasp
    Survive the apocalypse by shooting down enemy spacecrafts and mighty bosses. Arm your jet pod with new weapon systems and earn cash to upgrade your w...
  • Elecopter Elecopter
    You are an elephant fused with a helicopter. Fly through a dangerous cave, collect peanuts, watch out for falling objects, and get power-ups to make ...
  • Jet Pod Remanufactured Jet Pod Remanufactured
    Fly a jet pod navigating through the obstacles to get to the exit. Users can also make their own levels and submit them....
  • Air War 2 Air War 2
    This is a great game with 8-bit aerial battles. Your mission is to destroy all your enemies with your plane . There are 8 levels. Can you destroy al...
  • Line of Fire Line of Fire
    A great hand-drawn flight game- you get the mission, you kill the enemies. Simple and fun....
  • Parasite Strike Parasite Strike
    A classic, challenging side-scrolling shooter with an advanced upgrade and customization system with many ships, weapons, and gadgets. Equip up to 3 w...
  • Supersonic Air-Force Supersonic Air-Force
    Shoot all your enemies with your super sonic airplane....

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