Retiring Day

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Retiring Day


Retiring Day is finally here! The third and final installment in the series, but also the most challenging. This time you're an old man who has worked in many factories all his life, and after all these years, it's almost time to retire, but you must first train your successors! A humorous skill game with funky music. Enjoy!


Find the faulty items which you must not let pass through the conveyor. You can also make extra points by trying to keep your trainee attentive. (with a good old slap in the face!) Controls: - Click the bad items with your mouse to select them. - Use the arrow keys to control the speed of the conveyor. (Left = faster, Right = Slower) - If the kid in training does anything inaproppriate at the job (nose-picking, sleeping, etc) slap him in the face during that time to get bonus points! (to do so simply click his head) - Use "Q" to toggle quality. TIP: On the harder levels, it's a good idea to slow down the conveyor belt (press RIGHT) to observe all the items carefully.