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The basic storyline of 100 Candies is that there is a hungry monster who, along with its babies, escaped the lab and went to the city in search of candy. You will definitely want to go through the tutorial of this game if you've never played before. You play as the hungry monster who has to cross the street that is bustling with cars and trucks to grab a piece of candy on the other side, and then bring it back for your babies. There are also coins along the way that you can grab if your timing is right and you have a little luck! The goal of course is to collect 100 candies total, and for each individual candy (or set, as you can have more than one per level), you have 40 seconds to cross the highway and come back. You can use the coins that you collect throughout a match to purchase different skill upgrades, such as acceleration, friction, speed and time. And last, but not least, you can also earn badges, which you can view from the main menu. Some examples of badges are first candy, first money or first death. There is also an "encyclopedia" on the menu that tells you in detail how all of your different skills can affect your game play.

The graphics of this game are a bit old-school, so the controls are pretty easy. The best part about it is that even though you might not make it all the way across the street, you still get to keep the candies and money you have already collected.

Although the monsters flow over the road from one side to another, this game resembles the original "Frogger" - 100 Candies is an excellent game for younger children who are practicing their hand-eye coordination and refining their reflexes. You will have more fun than you ever have feeding monster babies!

Our rating: 3

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