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11 Seconds is a collection of very simple, brainy mini-games that use the mouse to complete various challenges within 11 seconds There is no storyline, just sort of mindless clicking and moving of the mouse. The ultimate idea is to collect points and then try to beat your score or other scores that have been saved to the online scoreboard. The scoreboard shows how players have done that day, week, month or overall and give you an idea of how you rank among other players. As the levels go on, they get a little more "brainy" where you have to select certain shapes or objects to click or avoid certain objects that are floating around the screen area.

The first challenge is to pop the squares by swiping the mouse over them. The more squares you pop, the higher your score. The second challenge is to see how many clicks you can make in 11 seconds. The third challenge is to turn a handle as many times as possible within the given time frame (yes, 11 seconds!). The fourth challenge is to try to click on the bubble that pops up at different places on the screen as fast as you can. The fifth challenge... well, you get the idea. Can't give away the whole farm! There are a total of - that's right - eleven minigames. Each one challenges a different skill set, and they can all be replayed.

This game is great for kids who are getting competitive and learning to try to beat their own scores or younger children who are starting to learn that the mouse actually does something on the computer. Adults will be entertained by it as well. It is a great way to pass the time with somewhat mindless activity - and a great way to exercise your fingers!

Our rating: 3

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