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Awesome Cars is a game that is about exactly what it sounds: awesome cars! But this game is so exciting, you could play it for hours. There's not much of a storyline and the object of this game is pretty consistent with other car games: win the race. But you have to be careful! If you land the car upside-down, it will explode. Luckily if this happens, you still get to keep your cash.

The basic object is to make it through the race and unlock the next one while at the same time earning money for upgrades. There are four worlds to work through, each one a little more difficult to get through than the last. Races are scored based on times, there aren't any actual visible opponents.

The controls are basic, you use the arrow controls to tilt the car forward and backward and to perform flips, which allow for a little boost of nitro. You can also jump, using the Space bar, when the timing is right to perform more complex stunts in mid-air. As you progress through the levels, you earn coins which can help you upgrade your car and buy objects.

And you can unlock cars, parts and other objects, all with the objective of having a car that accelerates faster, has a higher top speed and excellent handling.

Awesome Cars is a great choice for passing time when you have a few minutes to spare and would appeal to younger children who are interested in car games. The controls are easy to understand and you never technically "lose" the race, you just don't get as much cash for your upgrades. The graphics on this game are cartoonish and rather old-school, which is a nice reminder of the good ol' days before even high quality 2D games were introduced. It's almost like an arcade game on your computer.

Our rating: 3

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