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Beach Party Blowout is a fashion game that is set up with a beach party in the backdrop. Your goal is to have fun making as many combinations of outfits and accessories as you like for the three main characters. You can change the background from a night beach scene to a day one, and you can change many different aspects of the characters, some more than others. You can even take "pictures" of your characters and then post them on Facebook! All you have to do to get started is point to one of the categories (green controlling the girl to the left, purple controlling the one on the right, and blue controlling the girl in the middle). You might want to have a day beach scene and have one dressed in a snazzy halter top, pink hair and heart-shaped glasses, one wearing a blue bathing suit with a sheer blue cover up, a ponytail and a belly button ring and one with purple hair and Mardi Gras beads. Or, you may want to switch to the night time look and have them all dressed in evening wear with the appropriate glasses and accessories.

The downfall to this game is that there aren't many things to choose from, especially for the poor girl in the middle. All you can do for her is change her hair, glasses, piercing and necklace, so she always has the same clothes on. As for the other two, you can do some things, but again, not much on choices. Overall, this game is perfect for young girls and adults who feel like putting together some ensembles- not to say that boys can't play it, but there probably aren't too many that will be satisfied just with changing a character's hairdo or clothes! Either way, have fun!

Our rating: 2

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