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BMX Stunts 2 is pretty straightforward. There is no storyline, you just jump into the first level of the game. The setting is a theme park with a rollercoaster in the background and tents, clowns and bumper cars running around freely. Your character is a shaded stick figure with a red bandana on, and the goal is to perform as many stunts as possible to get points by the end of each level, in order to earn achievements. This game could keep anyone occupied for hours without stressing their brain too much!

The little guy has five lives to start with and the controls are very simple: the "Space Bar" pedals and the "up" button on the directional pad makes the guy jump. Every time you jump the guy performs a stunt, of which there are many. Some examples are: No Hands, Table Top, Front and Back Flips, Back Peg Grab, Tail Whip and more. You can't hit any obstacles or stairs, or you will have to start the level over. Once you get past the first level, there are checkpoints. Obstacles that the character might encounter include birds, trash cans, clowns on unicycles, tents and cone pyramids. He might even get slowed down by gooey bubble gum or sticky black tar. As you make your way through each level, you collect stars and green tokens. You can also reach three achievement levels: No Crashes, Top Score and All Wheels.

The game could be improved if the player could change the direction of the character or could choose which tricks to perform. However, the simplicity of it makes it suitable for all ages. BMX Stunts 2 is very simple, even really young children who like playing games will have a great time with this one.

Our rating: 3

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