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Bratz Kids Dress-up is a fashion game that incorporates the very popular Bratz franchise. It is a wonderful interactive game that allows you to dress up a virtual doll.

This game is really easy to play. All you have to do is select which item you'd like the Bratz girl to wear. You might want to change her hairstyle from long to short, or ponytail to pigtails. You can also select the color of her hair - available colors are light brown, dark brown, light blonde, dark blonde and purple. The outfit selections range from a orange or green dress to a purple and white or blue and jean pants outfit. Then come the accessories! Your doll has five different pairs of earrings and five different necklaces (long or short) she can wear. And what outfit is complete without shoes? This Bratz doll has five different pairs of shoes to choose from as well, ranging from open-toed and closed-toed heels to flip-flops and sandals. Finally, you can select the item she's holding, if any. You might feel like your doll needs a snazzy electric guitar to match her red dress and pigtails, or maybe she needs a handbag with a pink shorts outfit. With this category, you can also put a purple hat on her. The combinations are absolutely endless!

If you decide you want to start over, just press "clear" or you can click "finish" to take a quick snapshot of her outfit and print it - for this feature, there are two different backgrounds.

This game can be helpful even when determining color schemes of ensembles, demonstrating how brown shoes might look with a purple or pink dress, or what style of shoes look best with a pants outfit. Overall, this game is perfect for all ages, especially young girls who enjoy games that involve dress-up and the huge number of Bratz fans.

Our rating: 4

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