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Bratz match up screenshot

Welcome to the colorful world of Bratz. Here we have a cute puzzle game with 3 Bratz characters. The puzzle elements are simple rectangles that you have to slide to the right place, it would be a great game for your mobile device , if it supports flash.

Here in the picture you can see the image of the first image of the first level, as you can see it contains 15 parts.

Bratz match up mixed screenshot

There are 27 levels in the game, actually it is kind of a physics game with Halloween theme which makes it funny. You should aim the weird creature (some kind of bird maybe?) and you see its eyes go out of their holes while it screams and get ready to fly straight into the cubed demons.

I love the graphics and the live colors of that game, I found it easy enough for young girls to play (the age which they love Bratz), in the advanced levels it becomes much more challanging and time consuming and will fit the older girls.

I think that if you like Bratz, you will love that game and enjoy it.

Our rating: 3

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