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The main character of Brave Boy is a little boy who looks like a bully and rides around on his tricycle. However, the storyline is that his little sister follows a kitten into an alley where the real bullies are waiting. Brave Boy must go rescue her! Along the way, Brave Boy encounters dogs, boxes, piles of trash and other obstacles, but with the right combination of moves and upgrades, he will arrive on the scene in no time!

Basic game controls in Brave Boy are pretty easy to learn. Using the directional pad, "up" pedals forward, "down" pedals backward, the left and right keys tilt forward and back, "X" is speed boost and "Z" fires his weapon. As he moves through the levels on the way to rescue his sister, Brave Boy can perform tricks and stunts, eliminate obstacles and earn cash, which he can use to buy upgrades for his tricycle and his weaponry and he can even buy some fancy clothes. Purchasing new wheels helps his trike move faster; new clothes reduces the power used to move the tricycle; a more expensive frame helps him to accelerate more quickly; upgrading the spoiler, especially as far as the shark fin one, decreases wind resistance; and of course upgrading the weapon makes it more effective. These are all important in achieving the goal of the game, because once the little boy runs out of power, the level ends. Then you purchase these upgrades to help you get just a little farther. Luckily, in the shop you can also purchase stamina and cartridges for his weapon.

This game is perfect for kids, especially those that are in 3rd - 5th grade. Although the controls are a little difficult to master at first, especially when there are quite a few hills involved, once you get the hang of it, the game is easy to play.

Our rating: 4

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