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There is quite a story behind old Cactus McCoy. Officially called "Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns", the game chronicles what happens to a young gunslinger who gets blinded by an emerald treasure. Introduced with a storyboard similar to that of an old comic book, a bandit entices McCoy to seek the treasure that turns out to be the Sacred Thorned Emerald. The curse is: "From human to cactus then finally stone. The curse will continue until it is home." Poor McCoy will have to find out how to break the curse if he doesn't want to end up a statue. The other issue McCoy has is that he is now wanted by the bandit who sent him out for the treasure.

As he passes through the levels on a mission to break the curse, and escape the bandits, he encounters enemies on the ground and some that he needs to throw darts at or even whack with a cactus-sword! While the controls are simple, the game is timed and you want to collect as many coins as possible. The more attack combos you get, the more coins you earn. You can also collect special treasures, bars of gold and other gems, which can be found in treasure chests throughout the game. At the end of each area, you will be given a summary of your achievements and you can choose to submit your score and continue. The areas are always available for you to return and try to beat your own score as well.

One of the best things about this game's development is that the tutorial is built into the game. You don't even have to miss a step as you learn the controls; they are conveniently marked on the side of the wall. Journey back to the Wild, Wild West with this thrilling adventure that is fun for all ages.

Our rating: 5

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