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Cactus McCoy 2 is the story of the Ruins of Calavera. The story line in this "episode" is also introduced by a comic strip. When trying to grab a golden artifact, McCoy encounters a hooded figure; it's Ella Windstorm! She becomes his new companion as they follow the map (that was hidden inside of what McCoy thought was the treasure) to the Ruins. The legend of this game is that there was a jungle people known as the Volados, whose city was sustained by the "Serpent Blade." Supposedly the blade is still hidden in the area in a secret vault and Ella, one of the descendants of the Shaman, is the only one who can break the magic seal... Of course nothing is ever easy. Another group of bandits, the Reptaras are hot on the trail and provide some healthy competition in the race to the blade. They attack the two seekers, leaving only McCoy to carry out the mission.

The controls are the same as the original Cactus McCoy, although the same helpful "chalk drawings" on the walls are still there to remind you. The oh-so-familiar treasure chests are also there, offering secret treasures as you proceed through each area. Similar enemies present themselves, along with similar weapons that McCoy can use against them. However, this second episode offers save points that also restore McCoy's health. The more attack combos you get, the more coins you earn, which are totaled at the end of each round with the hidden treasures and other mini-challenges. You can always go back and try for a better score.

Just like the first Cactus McCoy game, it is a great adventure for children and adults of all ages. Even though McCoy's original adventure is exciting, this one has a lot more hidden objects and tricky situations.

Our rating: 5

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