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Car eats car 2 screenshot

I must admit, when I played the first level, I told to myself, hey, I know that game, there are hundreds of that kind. It looked like the regular car games which you have a simple car and have to drive through some hills. But, what a surprise, as soon as you start the second level, you find out that there are enemies there who try to eat you and destroy you. The next thing you should do, is go to the "shop" which contains many upgrades and weapons to help you survive the different levels.

The shop looks like that:

Car eats car 2 shop screenshot

The game has 20 levels, a lot of enemy types and it is really fun to play.
It seems that our cute little red car can fight and win the monster cars, it is up to you if it will do so...

Have fun.

Our rating: 4

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