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How many games those days make you really think?

Cheese barn screenshot

Cheese Barn is a great sample for one of the greatest games which we sponsored, the task is very simple, all you have to do, is bring the mouse to his favorite cheese.

The first levels are simple, that way you get to know the controls and different features in the game, but, as you proceed playing, the levels become harder and make you think, how do I do that???

The web version of Cheese Barn has 27 levels, I can tell you that soon, there will be a level pack for it, but for now, you should try to solve those puzzles.

There is a walkthrough video solution for the game, we used it and found it very helpful (letís say we used it for the review, donít let anyone know that there are levels which we couldnít solve without that movie ? )

You can play with game with mouse only and on the mail menu there are QR codes for the mobile versions of it, it has a 63(!) levels version for iOS (iPhone and iPad) for only $0.99 or 2 versions for Android, on is free with ads and contains 33 levels, the other is a full paid version, 63 levels with no ads for $0.99.

That game is one of my personal favorites. I give it 5/5 stars.

Our rating: 5

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