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Click Battle is an action game involving Viking attacks and wizards' magic. The Vikings walk towards you and you have to use various objects to attack and slow them down. You use wizards' attacks to help defend the village homes.

Your character is the wizard of time who controls the battles, which have three waves per day between wizards and Vikings. At the start of the game, you have a certain number of defenses that you can place, and then the battle begins. You can earn extra points by using wizard attack combos among the wizards for groups of three, based on color.

The game controls are just as they sound - you click and battle!

There are several options when selecting tools of battle: the red castle attacks all the Vikings in one line, the stinky pile slightly damages Vikings, the blue castle slows all the Vikings in one line and the pile of rubble damages Vikings as they pass over it. In addition to planning your defense, you have wizards that will attack the Vikings throughout the battle. You must click on them to perform attacks, and it is best if you can move a group of three or more. At the end of the battle, if you are victorious, you will have 10 seconds to repair the houses. You must act quickly as it takes some time for the houses to become completely repaired, so make sure you know which ones need repair before you click "OK." Throughout the battles, you collect gold, which you can use to upgrade skills. The wizards are defeated when the Vikings manage to completely destroy one of the houses.

This game is very similar to the popular "Plants Vs. Zombies" game, although it incorporates the idea of clicking in combos like "Jewels." It is appropriate for older children, who can strategize about the best way to plan Viking attacks and are then able to maximize the wizardsí ability to defend.

Our rating: 5

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