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Crash TV is an action game with a goal of basically just trying to get to the end of the set of levels within a reasonable amount of time. There is no timer, so the clock just runs until the levels are completed. If you get stuck on a level, you can always restart the game to continue playing. Some of them can be quite difficult, especially when there are spikes on the top and the bottom.

There isn't much of a storyline, only that you are playing as a small TV that has to access the main computer by moving from one door in each level to the other, over spikes and other obstacles. In some of the levels, you are able to upgrade your TV, giving him additional moves like the double jump. You can also grapple, which can get a little tricky since you have to use the mouse and select the correct area to grapple to. The game gets even trickier when there are force fields that have to be disabled. The basic game controls are very easy, using the "left" and "right" directional buttons to move, "up" to jump and "down" to go through the doorway, pressing the left mouse button to grapple once you pointed to the spot where you want the TV to grab on to.

This game is quite simple to play, therefore being appropriate for all ages. It might not be an adult's choice of passing time, though, as it doesn't require much skill and is only challenging to a certain extent. It's more like one of those games you just play to play, not one you really get anything out of. The format and graphics are similar to an old arcade game like PacMan, but with a modern twist.

Our rating: 2

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