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Crazy Golf Cart 2 is a fun and colorful game that involves the adventures of a golf cart (surprise!). There isn't much of a storyline; the goal is to win each individual race (preferably first place, the gold medal, but there is also silver and bronze) so that you can purchase upgrades. You aren't competing against other players, just against the timer, so there is no "loser," which helps when younger children are playing. As you earn cash from placing in the races, you can buy upgrades for your cart, such as improvements to the engine, frame, exhaust, nitrous and tires - everything you would expect from a vehicle game. You can even paint your cart with some pretty interesting patterns and colors.

Basic game play is simple. Using the arrow keys, the "up" key is accelerate, "down" is brake, and "left" and "right" are tilt forward and back. What's good about this game is that there are also letter controls, W, A, D and S, which allow you to use a mixture of both the arrows and the letters to accelerate and flip. You eventually learn to jump and reset the level quickly as well as use your nitrous (hold Shift). If you don't get the gold medal the first go-round, you can always try again to improve your score. Just keep in mind that, at least until you get the hang of it or are able to purchase some upgrades, the best idea is to just get through the level quickly. If you don't place, you don't get anything for doing the tricks. Also, every time you have to start back at the beginning, your time doesn't start over, so there's no way you can get a medal. But even with all these little picky things, the game is still fun whether you get a medal and upgrade your cart or not!

Crazy Golf Cart 2 is a cute game, very appropriate for children and adults of all ages. Even the little ones will enjoy watching you play and selecting your upgrades!

Our rating: 4

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