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Demon Destroyer 2 screenshot

Trick or treat? It's Halloween time and you can find those funny/scary Halloween all over the web in this time of that year. Demon Destroyer is a funny sequel of the first game, Demon Destroyer, both of the games sponsored and distributed by Bored.com. There are 27 levels in the game, actually it is kind of a physics game with Halloween theme which makes it funny. You should aim the weird creature (some kind of bird maybe?) and you see its eyes go out of their holes while it screams and get ready to fly straight into the cubed demons. You have to locate your mouse somewhere in the devil area and aim from there, you should hit and remove all of the demons, if you succeeded to hit the skull on your way, it is even better. I found that game funny and fun to play in some free time that I had, definitely a nice time killer for the coming Halloween.
Our rating: 4

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