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Disaster Will Strike is a fun little game with an objective of using natural disasters to crush the characters, which happen to be dinosaur eggs with evil expressions on their faces. They are surrounded by various structures which can only be destroyed by using a certain combination of disasters. You will have to take into account strategy, cause and effect and timing to crush all of the eggs successfully.

The earthquake disaster shakes the ground, breaking any glass beams that may be present. The wind moves any mobile objects from one side of the screen to the other, depending on which way you direct it to blow. The landslide will cause a huge crack in whichever land section you choose, and whatever is above this crack will fall in. The bees swarm around any eggs that are not surrounded by objects. The thunderball will destroy everything around the location you have selected for it to strike.

Depending the structural setup of the level, there will only be a certain number of disasters available to you. You have to make sure that you select them carefully, as the level is designed such that they only work in one way, and in one order. For example, you may have two wind and two landslide disasters, but you may have to use each wind one direction, then cause a landslide, then use another wind, then another landslide. When you are required to use the bees, you have to make sure that you select the correct egg to start, or they may go after one that is not accessible.

Overall, this game is perfect for all ages, especially those learning to anticipate actions and strategize about game play. You will enjoy cracking these evil-looking eggs for hours and hours - you will definitely become more determined as they continue to give you their evil smirks and taunting laughs when you fail. It will become quite rewarding to crack them open!

Our rating: 5

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