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Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 is a continuation of the zombie game, Earn to Die 2012 (If you haven't played part one, you may want to try it here). The story picks up where the first one left off where episode one left off: the world has been taken over by zombies and the humans that are left must work together to create a military strategy to hold them off. You play as the driver of the vehicle and your one and only task is to mow over as many zombies as you can.

You begin each level at the Garage, where you can select your vehicle, buy new ones or upgrade the engine, the gearbox and the wheels, or you can purchase a Zombie Kit, a gun, boost equipment and a fuel compartment upgrade. Vehicle choices, although only the fire engine is available at the start, include a tractor truck and a big army rollback dually. The map has quite a few locations and the rounds are called "days."

To control your vehicle, you must use the directional pad to tilt forward and backward; "up" is accelerate. Some tips: you have to build up momentum in order to barrel through stacks of wooden crates, to mow over the zombies and to save gas. You must keep in mind that if you run out of gas before you reach the end of the stage, your turn is over and the round is considered "complete." At that point you can either restart the match or go to the garage. If you choose to go the garage, the next stage you will play is the next day, so if you are confident that you can beat your score, you may want to restart the level - you will not be able to go back in time!

As you proceed through each stage, you earn money for the distance you are able to travel and the number of zombies you hit. The money can be spent in the garage on the various available upgrades.

Overall, this game is perfect for players of all ages, especially those that love ramming zombies!

Our rating: 5

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