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Erline is an adventure game that has a very fantastical nature. The storyline is that long ago, there were gods of Aurla who created magical portals, which were designed to contain evil far away from everything, in labyrinths. Somehow, the evil creatures escaped and the last god, Erline, is lost. The objective of the game is to save Erline and, in doing so, help save this magical world. You play as a group of a small witch and her little pumpkin friend, who have taken on this quest. Be careful of spikes, as they mark the end of your quest. You also have to watch out for the purple orbs, which can hurt you and make you start over.

The controls are W, A, S D to move, when you need to press a switch, use the mouse to activate your magic. You can then move the mouse to guide the green orb of magic to the switch. You can also use the green orb of magic to move boxes out of the way of the witch. "E" switches characters, which can be helpful because the pumpkin is the only character that can move large objects by pushing them, which can be helpful when magic is not an option. The pumpkin can also jump farther than the witch, which will help to cross longer spans of spikes, and can eliminate small enemies by jumping on top of them. As the journey progresses, from chapter to chapter, the tasks and moves required to reach the portals at the end of each round become more difficult and complex.

Overall, this game is perfect for all ages; there is no penalty for attempting each objective more than once and there is no timer to rush you through this logical journey. The mood of this game will calm you as your skills are challenged in this magical adventure.

Our rating: 5

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