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Good Daddy 2 is an adventure game in which the Daddy has to help the boy get to wherever he needs to go. You first start out taking him to school, making your way through the various obstacles.

The controls are a little difficult; you move left and right with the arrows on the directional pad or "A" and "D"; pressing "space" will make the boy walk forward, pressing it again will make him stop. Traffic lights make the boy turn around. And what game wouldn't be more fun without the Daddy having some special abilities? This Daddy can change his shape! Pressing the number "1" key turns him into a square, "2" turns him into a triangle and "3" turns him into a round balloon that helps him rise out of some tricky situations. You have to be careful not to let your "son" get hurt; there are many dangers, like electricity and steam vents.

As you progress through the levels, you collect stars, three per stage. Collecting all three gives you the highest score, which is 1000 points. You can still get the three stars and get a lower score, if you take more than one try. The tasks get more complicated and intricate as well, and you may realize that you haven't completed the objective in the right order, having to start over again. Sometimes, you may not be able to get all of the stars - that's okay, it doesn't affect your completion of the task, just your score. You can go back later and try to figure those out!

The good thing about this game is that there's not timer and you don't have to start over when you need try to complete the objective over and over again. Overall, this game is perfect for any age, although it may be more difficult for the younger children. They will of course like watching you play.

Our rating: 3

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