Editor Review for: Grand Prix Go 2

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Grand Prix Go 2 is one more car racing game from the house of Turbo Nuke, high quality game studio/developers.

In that second part, you are going to race in the Grand Prix trail.

Before start racing, you can customize your car so it will look like your dreams F1 racing car, then, you can practice for a while, but hey, we are here to race, not to practice, so go out and race…

 grand prix go 2 screenshot

During the game, according to your race results, you can upgrade your car components and improve your chances to win the race.

 grand prix go 2 screenshot

As you can see from the first moment, the graphics quality is very high and so is the driving feeling during the game.

We like that game and we are pretty sure that you will enjoy it as well.

Our rating: 4/5.

Our rating: 4

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