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High Sky is a "magic adventure" in which the main character, Taks, who is kind of a little greenish gremlin type character, wants to go on an adventure, but first he must build an aircraft. In order to do this, he needs 80 molecules and all of the aircraft parts that are hidden around the forest. Taks' friends will help him, but you have to find them first.

The game controls are pretty straightforward. You have to use the directional keypad to move Taks around and the "Space Bar" to make him jump. You can have him pick up objects by pressing "down" and make him jump by pressing "up." The "Space Bar" shows his inventory list. One thing that is not very clearly presented is that to use the items in the inventory, or anything else that the "Space Bar" leads to, "Enter" is what actually selects the item for use.

The first friend he finds is Emily, who can jump a little bit higher and can transform into a snail. Once you find Emily, you can switch back and forth between the two players to work through the mission. You might notice some hearts around the game map. They are used by Emily for magic. If you press the "Space Bar" while you are playing as Emily, you can see all of the different choices the hearts can be used for . There are definitely a lot of areas to be explored, potions to be used and transporters to try on the journey to building the aircraft for Taks.

This game is definitely challenging and exercises basic logic, reasoning and strategic thinking skills. It is an excellent brain game for adults and older children alike, keeping players occupied for hours on end.

Our rating: 5

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