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I Can Fly is an action game that challenges the phrase "when pigs fly."

The storyline starts off with two love-pigs having a nice picnic who are being watched by the "evil" mice on the moon. The mouse formulates a plan to abduct the lady pig, leaving the gentleman pig with no choice but to rescue her. He first tries to design a helmet that can help him fly, but ends up using wings made of leaves to start out with. He must reach the moon and rescue his sweetheart.

There is only one control in this game, which is to move the mouse to direct the pig's flight upward. The main goal is to press the button that releases the spring to help the pig fly and then collect as many stars as you can without hitting any obstacles. Some obstacles in the beginning include lightning clouds and birds and owls. You can also collect fruits, which will increase the pig's energy level and help him fly higher. You can also collect hearts, which increase the number of chances you get to fly, and rockets, which help you fly even higher.

You can enter the shop once you have earned some stars and purchase objects and upgrades: the first selection is Feather wings, a Red bandana, fruits, a Four leaf clover and a controls manual. The controls manual helps you gain more control as you fly, the fruits give you more starting power, the clover and other talismans give you luck, and the bandana helps you to crash into objects and only get stunned for a moment instead of falling immediately.

This game is targeted at all age groups, as there is not too much skill or strategy involved, just the movement of the mouse. It would be great for young children who are developing their hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

Our rating: 4

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