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Kaboomz 4 is a basic shooting game, that doesn't require much skill other than anticipating the landing of each cannonball with relation to arc and distance.

There's not much of a storyline but the basic idea is that you control a cannon and you have to pop the balloons. The only control you have is to point and click, but you have to be careful to take into account the arc and the distance that is needed for further shots. This may seem simple, but there are different types of balloons: regular ones that pop instantly; leather balloons that you have to strategically release into spikes; large balloons that pop into smaller ones; explosive balloons that destroy anything around them; spikey balls that are in place for the specific strategy that is required; and many more. Of course you want to try to pop all of the balloons in one shot; some of the levels require more. There are also various objects in the different levels that can help you on your quest. You don't have a limited amount of shots, but the number of cannonballs you use will affect your overall score. Be careful to pay attention to what the strategy should be, as some of the levels require a specific move or timing. As you progress through the levels, of course the difficulty level increases and some of the situations seem almost impossible! Don't worry, the makers have anticipated such a struggle and have provided a walkthrough, just in case you need it.

Overall, this game is perfect for all ages, especially older children who are learning about arc, velocity and strategic thinking. This game will keep you busy for a while and although there are only 30 levels, there are so many difficult levels that you will want to go back and try to beat your score!

Our rating: 3

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