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Kukoo Machines screenshot

Welcome to the beautiful and colorful world of Kukoo.

Who is Kukoo? Well, it seems that she is some kind of girl from out of space, but that is not the issue here.

Kukoo Machines is a fun "serving/time management" game, you have to be fast enough to serve 4 colors slushy , French fries and meat balls/Hamburgers.

The learning curve of the game is excellent, the instructions are in the game, animated, not written so young players who cannot read will still understand how to play and what are their tasks.

The game starts with 2 missions only, Slushy and Fries, but soon the player will have to serve the other food as well. It should be fast or the weird clients (girls with tails and walking potatoes???) will go unhappy and stay hungry.

I found that game very entertaining and fun to play, it has great animation/characters and fun rhythm .

Our rating: 4

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