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Labyrinth iXi is quite extensive for an online game. You do have to log in to unlock additional levels and to purchase upgrades, but the place to start is on the campaign - here you can at least drive around and kill some monsters! At the start, you have the option of selecting your difficulty - normal is the best option if you are new to the game. Initially, you have just arrived on the planet Mercenary and in order to assist with the search of the lost scouts, you must locate a transporter, near the area where you begin. You also need to find, repair and upgrade the Jeep available to you from headquarters - all of this is done in the repair station.

The controls are somewhat usual, although you do have to pay attention to a few special keys: ASWD is drive (up, down, left, right); "space" shoots from your launcher (you will need this often!); numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 all allow you to select your devices (you'll learn about these later); "tab" opens your objectives, in case you forget; "esc" is pause; if you need additional help, press "F1." If you want to shoot directly, not from the launcher, point and click with the mouse. If you need to get to the repair station menu, you must drive your Jeep onto the platform. At this station, if you have enough money you can upgrade your guns, launchers and devices. All of the details for these particulars are described to you upon purchase. Once you reach the teleport, you can activate it by driving close to it. Don't forget to run over monsters after you kill them to collect their liquid, which you can later sell in the repair station.

Overall, this game is perfect for older children and adults, as it can be quite complicated. It is definitely a must-play for online gamers, especially those that are feeling up for a challenge!

Our rating: 4

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