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Left to Die is a game similar to the old-school Rambo with zombies and other beasts as enemies. Having fallen out of a helicopter over the jungle, you must fight your way out to survive. You have been left to die.

The game itself is a shooting game in which you are being defending your base from various enemies and have to kill as many as you can before they reach you. You are armed, and the basic object of the game is to point and click, shooting each attacker multiple times so that they cannot attack you. You collect money each time you kill an enemy, depending on how quickly you do that (also, whether you get headshots or not, etc.), and then you also earn points. The points, of course, contribute to your end score, while the money you can use to buy weapon upgrades, turrets, air support or wall upgrades. All of these will become very important as the game goes on and the waves increase. There are sixteen waves and between each wave you can upgrade your artillery. It is strategic to save some of your cash to buy air support, turrets or walls, especially before every fourth wave as this is a "boss level." When you do get some air support, "space" deploys it. You have to be careful with this; you do not have the opportunity to direct the air support's attack. Use it wisely. You must defend yourself as best you can!

Overall, this game is perfect for all ages, as long as you are into the "military" style of the game. It's not gory, considering that you are killing zombies, but it can be a little intense for some smaller children, depending on what you choose for them to be exposed to. One hint is to set your mouse to be highly sensitive, so it can quickly respond to your movements. Other than that, itís great fun killing zombies!

Our rating: 3

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