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Little Super Star is a dress up game where you get to select the colors of your character's make-up, her outfit and her accessories. The idea of the game is to make her look great so she can go out on stage and become a superstar!

To select a category, just point and click - from here you can change the shape of her eyelashes and eyebrows, and change the colors of her eyes and her lipstick, eye shadow and lipstick. But you can't send her out on the stage without a stylish outfit! You can rotate through available items by first selecting an outfit, then clicking on one of the purple arrows to choose her hairstyle and accessories! You might choose to have her wear a blue dress with a blonde bob, black sunglasses, pink boots, a silver choker, hoop earrings and yellow eye shadow! Or you may decide she needs a blonde ponytail, a golden crown, heart-shaped sunglasses, gold dangly earrings and silver shoes to go with her pink dress. Don't forget, she needs a microphone that matches her outfit as well. If you've selected an item and decide that she doesn't need it, all you have to do is click directly on the item on her to make it go away. You can also do a complete reset if you want to start over. Once you have decided what she'll wear on stage, press the "show" button, located at the bottom left of the screen, to see her sing her heart out on stage in front of the audience! Once you have completed your first act, press the "reset" button, next to the "show" button, to start the game all over again.

Overall, this game is targeted at young girls, but is fun for anyone to play at any age. Because there are so many different combinations, you will be dressing up your little super star for hours!

Our rating: 5

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