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Monkey Go Happy Marathon at the start gives you the option of playing all the Monkey Go Happy Games, a total of 16, which are logic games filled with puzzles, objects and other things you have to seek.

As with the other Monkey Go Happy games, you begin by selecting your character - the adult monkey, the child monkey, the baby monkey or the grandpa monkey - and then the character's hat. However this marathon version is a series of minigames, each with one objective. The faster you reach the goal, the more points you get (notice the countdown timer in the upper right. corner). This game doesn't have much of a storyline and the minigames are not really even linked. Overall there are 25 minigames and 3 bonus games, which allow you to quickly earn extra points. The controls are easy: point and click. The hard part is determining what to click on! For each task, you have a total of 10,000 seconds. You may have to burn some toast, feed a donkey, collect chicken eggs or even make an ice cream cone! At first, the object of the task is simple; you might only have to make one obvious click. Then there may be a few minigames where figuring out what to do is easy, but actually doing it is the hard part, like shooting floating balloons or firing at fighter planes in an effort to keep a ship from sinking. Toward the end, the tasks get more complex; there are more steps to each one and conspicuous hints.

Overall, this game is perfect for all ages. It does not require quite as much logic skill as the other Monkey Go Happy games, so it is more appropriate for younger children. This game focuses more on general problem-solving skills, but it does require good hand-eye coordination, quick thinking and excellent timing!

Our rating: 5

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