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Monkey Go Happy - The Castle is a fun puzzle game in which you play as a monkey of your choice and try to recover all 15 mini-monkeys. The story is that there is an evil scientist who has turned all of the mini-monkeys into small flying gargoyles. You must employ any and all wits and logical ability at your disposal to make your way through the castle. This is not an easy task; you have to be mindful of every single detail!

At the start of the game, you choose your monkey. You have an adult male, female, the grandpa, a little girl and boy monkey, and a baby. Then you get to choose your hat! Then you begin on the side of the lake, make your way through the garden maze, and then into the castle. You will have to go back and forth to complete the various tasks, and the less clicks you make, the better you do. There aren't any difficult controls in this game, just very difficult puzzles as you pick up various objects and use them to make your way through the castle. The last monkey is always the hardest.

Monkey Go Happy - The Castle is actually quite difficult to play. You have to be very careful to check every object in case it is interactive and pay attention to any sign. Everything is important. Using your logic skills is the only way to save the mini monkeys! This game is appropriate for older children, as it could be quite frustrating to the smaller ones. But if you're up for the challenge, let them play along with you! They may surprise you, as they always do... The only downfall to this game is that once you complete it, it just starts over.

Our rating: 5

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