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Everyone feels that he needs a hero from time to time, but, in that case, they really need one!

Here, in that puzzle you have to help Bob, the hero mouse. He must release all of his other friends from the mice traps and the cruel cat!

The controls are simple, use the arrow keys to move Bob, but, once he started to move, you can not stop him, it will be stopped by the end of edge of the line or by a box which is located on his way.

You should reach all of the mice and stop by them, then, they will be released and then, you should stop by the teaspoon trap which will shoot you to the next level.

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I love the animation and the character of mice, the idea is cool and the game is fun. Oh, and you can download the game for your android device using that QR code.

Need A Hero QR for Android

I give it 4 stars, I enjoyed it!

Our rating: 4

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