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Offroaders 2 is a racing game where you play as a big truck on a dirt track, with many obstacles to work through and around.

To control the truck you are driving, you can use either the directional pad ("up" presses the gas) or you can use the W, S, A, D setup. You also can use your boost by pressing "Z" or "B." There are many obstacles you will encounter in these races, including ramps that lift you over water, cones and barricades and hoops of fire!

Part of your goal in the race, other than getting first place, is to collect a certain number of stars, which is show as your "star target" on the top left corner of the screen. Even though you start playing with a basic pickup truck that has oversize, off-road tires, when you complete the race in one of the top three positions, you earn prize money that you can save to buy new vehicles. Some of the choices are cars, a Hummer, a hot rod, a taxi cab and a tractor truck. Upgrading your vehicle will also give you better engines, brakes, grip, boost and aerodynamics. You also earn achievements throughout the race for jumping through hoops and getting good air off of the ramps. Once you place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a race, you can move on to the next one - and they get a little more complex as you go.

If you get stuck or spin out, don't worry - you can always restart the race! One strategy you could use is to save your boost for the straight stretches in the hopes of gaining a couple places. Another strategy you could use is to keep playing the easier races until you earn enough money to buy a new car that has better specs.

Overall, this game is perfect for all ages, especially big race fans that like to have a little more of a challenge in addition to the goal of winning the race.

Our rating: 3

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