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Paint World is a great amateur strategy game, in which the story is not important. Some little paint blob friends get separated and the idea of the game is to put them all back together.

Throughout each level there are at least two blobs of one color that need to be "shot" together. The less shots you make, the more stars you earn. The goal, of course, is to earn three per round.

The game controls are point and click. There are a few different types of paint balls and a few different objects that need to be used to accomplish the task on each level. One of the types of paint balls is a two-toned paint ball, and being a large one it splits into two smaller balls. Another type of paint ball is a spinning ball, which the smaller paint balls can attach to and ride all the way around usually to get to the other side of the level's map. Objects also come in handy. Bombs pretty much always result in a linking up of paint balls if you use them properly. Doors are easily opened with the shot of a paintball.

Some of the additional achievements that you can earn, other than stars, are the Speed Record and the crown, which you earn for every five levels you complete as "perfect." You can also earn coins in almost every level, which help you to achieve a perfect score. As the levels progress, there are more paint balls of different colors that you have to take into consideration with your strategy.

This game is somewhat easy to play, so it is appropriate for all ages. It is great for children who are practicing their estimation skills and who are learning to understand cause and effect.

Our rating: 3

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