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Pet Store Slacking is a girly game that is perfect for girls who want to take control of their very own pet store. The basic storyline is that Sarah loves animals - of all shapes and sizes. She has just recently gotten a part-time job at a pet store over the summer, but instead of doing her work, she'd rather spend all day playing with the animals. Your role is to help her keep from being a slacker and complete her duties as an employee and have fun with the animals all at the same time. Be careful though, her boss might show up at any time!

You will have to complete a few minigames to finish the round in the amount of time given (3 minutes). Minigames could be catching fish with a net, feeding carrots to bunnies, color a snake like the picture shown, brushing a kitty, walking a dog (for this one, you need to use the left and right arrows on the directional pad) or talk to the parrot. You might even have to paint Sarah's nails! In this minigame, you have to make sure that you click one each nail twice to fully cover it!

Make sure you keep an eye on the left hand side of the screen while you are in the middle of a minigame. If the boss shows up, quickly click on the green "X" located at the top right hand corner of the minigame to get back to work. Luckily, Sarah is such good friends with the animals that the fish will give her a heads-up when the boss is on her way. If you let her see you slacking off, it's game over.

This game requires quick thinking and movements, and even helps gamers practice their typing a bit. Overall, this game is perfect for girls, young and old, but it is not limited! Boys will have fun with the interaction of the pets and the actions of the store - if they don't mind playing as a girl!

Our rating: 4

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