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The game is based on the legend of the Polkafriz Mountains. The story is that the mountains are volcanoes, a fact which was discovered by a young girl, who goes on the search for ancient artifacts. The legend says that when the artifacts are found and brought together, a future will be revealed.

The basic play of the game is simple: you use the hand, which turns into a fist, to punch blocks into the center square, and you have three handprints' worth of time to achieve this. But the logic behind it gets rather difficult as the stages progress. There is only one way to get the blocks to fit correctly. In the first level, there are ice cubes in a square of nine, then 16 and so on. Only by completing all the levels, which of course are increasingly difficult, can you find all of the artifacts and unlock Time Attack mode!

Throughout the game, you can collect "bonuses" for things like completing 25 handprints, or pounding a certain number of blocks. The game even acknowledges how many times you hit the back button. The Ancestors Room is where all of the artifact pieces are collected, and you have to put the pieces together jigsaw-style to discover the secret.

Overall, the game is great for kids that are around ten years old; it helps them to develop their logic skills. It could even be used as a fun teaching tool during a lesson on cause and effect. The game is very well developed and well-thought out, although it is obvious that the text has been translated. Unfortunately, it could be better. But that is a very particular issue. The game itself is very puzzling and challenging enough to be appropriate for adults! The brain exercise you get from playing it is better on the level of logic than the very popular Sudoku.

Our rating: 5

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