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Ragdoll Achievement 2 is a game of destruction as you try to destroy ragdolls with as many weapons as you can get. There is a bit of a strategy to it as you have to place the weapons carefully to get the achievements properly. You also have to be able to consider the change of certain variables and how that might affect the outcome.

The game controls are simple clicks. The strategy is in the selection of weapons as far as reaching the achievements. The beginning achievements are: "Sector clear," which means that all of the weapons that you have set out are used; "Sapper," which is hitting three mines in a row; and "Jumper-spikes," which is exactly how it sounds, a spring into spikes. As you complete these achievements, they are replaced with new ones, so the game is ever-changing. The weapons you begin with are a spring, spikes and mines. The spikes have to be placed on the walls or the ceiling. You can switch out weapons each turn by simply grabbing them and either moving them or dragging them down to the bottom of the screen. As the damage meter across the top increases, more weapons become available. So basically, you use all of the available weapons to cause as much damage as possible. You select your weapons, displayed on the bottom of the screen, based on the goals listed in the achievement section, located at the top of the screen, and press the “play” button. And then sit back and watch as the ragdolls get destroyed!

Just in case you get a little lost, there is the option to view the walkthrough. There is another section of the gameplay called "Sand-box," but it's a secret - you can't see what's there until all of the weapons are unlocked.

This game is definitely fun and not too difficult, so it is perfect for any age.

Our rating: 3

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