Editor Review for: Red Ball 4: Volume 3

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Welcome to the fun world of the Red Balls, it was fun till the evil squares appeared.

This game is a sequel of the successful serious "Red Ball" games, you play as the red ball that has to save the balls world from becoming squares.

The game's graphics is fine, the game play is addictive and while playing, you will always want to find out the next adventure in the next level.

Red Ball 4 - Volume 3 screenshot

This part contains only 15 levels, but some of them are very challenging, you will notice that while trying to pass the lasers on the 3rd level, or the next levels which require control skills.

Red Ball 4 - Volume 3 screenshot

I like that serious and vol. 3 is no different in that manner. It earned its 4 stars fairly.

Our rating: 4

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