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Run a garage and become a racing champion! By building up boost, you can gain ground and maybe even win the race. It may take a few times to beat the opponents, but even if you don't win there is still a benefit to playing a level - you get coins!

Overall the goal of the game is to win the race, get boosts to help you get there, and perform forward flips and backflips. There are two ways to get boost: perform front or backflips or perform a takedown. How do you perform a takedown? You ram an opponent - to the death! You earn new items as you collect coins throughout the game play. Each individual level has two missions: the first, which tells you how you have to place in the race, allows you to advance to the next level; the second, which requires that you do a certain number of stunts, allows you to earn extra coins that you can use in the garage.

From the menu, you can also customize your car in the garage. When customizing, you can change the spoilers, engines, frames and wheels - there are many options within these categories to choose from. You can even upgrade the size of your garage. All of these customizations can help you increase your top speed, and make your handling and acceleration better so you can become the ultimate racing champion.

The play of the game is a little difficult, as you have to tilt the car forward and back as you go over the hills in the levels. Another thing that makes it difficult is that you have to constantly hold the "accelerate" button, making it difficult to press the tilt buttons and the reverse button. Other than that, it is quite fun and exhilarating - perfect for young people who are just starting to get interested in racing games.

Our rating: 3

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