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OMG ! the monster kidnapped the princess!

You have been chosen to save her, but wait, you will not be able to do so without the magic boots. The royal magician give them to you and wish you the best of luck in your dangerous mission.

Welcome to one of my favorite games, developed by Denis Vasilev, one of our favorite developers (who developed a major part of our own games) and sponsored by A10.

It is a fun puzzle/mind/adventure game, you name it. As mentioned, your target is to save the princess, you should pass through the different levels with your reverse boots, but that is not easy. The way is full with obstacles, in order to pass them, you have to work out your mind. Every mouse click changes the location of the obstacles and you have to calculate the number of clicks that you will need in order to plan your moves. It sounds complicated, but, in the game it is fun (and complicated :) ).

If you love puzzle and adventure games, I think that game is a must.

Our rating: 5

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