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Rogue Soul is a game about a thief dressed as a ninja who is wanted all over town. He discovers that there is another thief who is wanted more than he is. So he decides that he will make it known that he is the best thief around. So the goal is to antagonize everyone and collect weapons so that the ransom on the rogue thief's head is greater than the competitor's. The secondary goal is to get through the level as far as possible; the instructions for each section appear at the top of the screen. If you don't complete a secondary task, you will have to start the mission over.

To control the character, you use the directional pad and then "D" is for the parachute, "F" is used to slide and "G" pulls out his dagger. This game also gives the option of customizing the controls. Once you make it through the easy tutorial, the game play is a bit more difficult. It takes a few tries to get used to selecting and using all of the different controls when needed. One trick is to speed up while you have the chance because consecutive actions can also slow you down.

As you collect weapons and earn achievements throughout the missions, they are stored in a location called "Loots" which is accessible from the main menu.

Appropriate for all ages, this game is at a level of medium-difficulty. There is not much skill involved other than the use of the controls, so it is definitely a fun way to pass the time. The downfall to this game is that the screen keeps moving, so if you miss something you can't turn around. The Rogue Soul can walk backwards but he does so very slowly. Happy thieving!

Our rating: 4

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