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If you've never hopped into a shopping cart and let your friends push you through the parking lot, you surely have been tempted! Shopping Cart Hero 3 does exactly that: but subtract the friends and add some rural scenery. There are three different worlds you can eventually choose from although only the barn is available to start.

The game play is easy, all you have to do is make the little stick guy get a good running start and jump into the cart. The skill comes after he is launched into the air. You have to make sure you do some tricks mid-air. Four factors, distance, height, tricks and style, come under scrutiny at the end as you are scored on your jump. With that score, you earn money with which you can buy upgrades for both the little stick guy and for the cart. Some of the upgrades are headgear, rockets and other items that help the cart go faster, the ability to learn new stunts, and... a golden cart!

You have to do a few jumps before you can do any cool stunts. It is very difficult to do a flip right off the get-go; your poor little stick guy will end up leaking blood unless you have purchased a helmet, although since he's transparent it's hard to tell where it comes from! With the helmet, he survives, but he's not a happy dude, but once you lose it, you have to buy another one. At least until you get the hang of the timing of the jumps, it's best to just do single jumps for practice and a few small upgrades.

This game is quite amusing, especially for little kids who like to watch and laugh. The older ones are more likely to want to increase their score and upgrade their carts, moving on to the next available world. Overall, there's not much thought needed to enjoy this game - but sometimes mindless games are the best kind when it comes to passing time.

Our rating: 2

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