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Shopping Mall Parking is a time trial game where you are a new valet at a shopping mall and you have to park the cars as fast as you can without crashing them. If you cause too much damage, the car you are currently driving breaks down and you get fired.

The controls are simple: using the directional pad, "up" is accelerate, "down" is brake or reverse, and left and right are - you guessed it, left and right. There's not much of a storyline, however there are very specific instructions. You "drive" the cars through the parking lot, trying to make your way to a particular parking space that is highlighted in green. The timer starts at 75 seconds, and every time you successfully park a car you earn a few additional seconds, depending on the score you receive. You are scored based on how well you park, without causing any damage, and how quickly you do it. You may also have to direct a parked car to the exit. Damage is shown in an orange bar across the bottom of the screen, and your speed and time are shown at the top. It all sounds quite easy, but there are other cars in the lot already parked so you have to be careful not to run into them! The tricky part is that all of the damage incurred adds up - the meter doesn't start over after each one. The game is over when either the damage meter goes all the way down or when the time runs out.

Overall, this game is perfect for all ages, although it's easier if you are already a real-life driver. The game does get more fun when you get to try to beat your own time. However, it can be quite difficult parking exactly within the green square for each parking space.

Overall, this game is perfect for all ages, especially those who love racing games.

Our rating: 2

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