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Sift Head Cartels screenshot

If you were looking for a cruel, violence, action/shooting game, I think it would be safe to say that you found it.

"Sift Heads - Cartels" is the newest part of the "Sift Heads" series of action games by gamesfree.ca,

In that game, Vinnie finds himself on the verge of death, pinned up against urban gangsters keeping him from his side-partner Shorty. Vinnie has to fight back, trying to win those gangsters, On his way, he has to commit some crimes, rob and kill his enemies, cruel game, did I mention that?

Game controls are varied, you should use your mouse and keyboard, every scene has its own set of controls.

Overall, the game is balanced and fun to play - to the people who like that kind of games, of course.

Our rating: 3

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